Digital Delivery Manager Senior

Engagement Type: Implementation

Description: Digital Delivery Manager required to be the link between teams, ensuring good lines of communication, and effective reporting in an agile environment.

Minimum Years Experience: 5 Years

5 Key Skills Required:

– Experience of Agile and Waterfall delivery methods, learning and iterating frequently throughout the entire project lifecycle.
– Ability to work closely with the Product Owner to define the roadmap for any given service and translate this into user stories and requirements.
– Ability to oversee the collaborative, dynamic planning process; helping prioritise the work that needs to be done against the capacity and capability of the team.
– Understand the differences between Agile and Waterfall methods and how they can be applied together for success.
– Have an understanding of the challenges and tensions inherent in working in an agile environment, within an organisation more used to waterfall project management.

5 Areas of Responsibility:

– A high degree of initiative and flexibility.
– Take responsibility for designing the Proof of Concept.
– Manage end user expectations.
– Represent the Consulting organisation with the upmost professionalism.
– Work with the Consulting group and help them explore the needs of their client.

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