Programme Manager

Engagement Type: Project Delivery.

Description: Programme Manager required to provide a clear roadmap of activities required to move the client from their current level of maturity to a recognised P3M3 level 4 maturity organisation.

Minimum Years’ Experience: 3 Years.

Key Skills Required:

  • Experience of undertaking formal P3M3 assessments at project and programme level within capital investment organisations.
  • Demonstrable evidence of supporting an organisation to improve their maturity to the next defined level in a P3M3 framework.
  • Experience of undertaking P3M3 assessments in Public Sector and/or ALB organisations.

5 Areas of Responsibility:

  • Develop and undertake a health check of the client’s current programme and project maturity.
  • Undertake a full P3M3 assessment at portfolio level within major projects (including access to approximately 5-6 key resources for the purposes of interview and evidence).
  • Review of the current professional learning and development strategy, providing feedback on its contribution to the desired maturity improvement and recommendations for improvement.
  • Detailed report and roadmap, linked to the P3M3 model, articulating the activities required to attain a level 4 maturity, a clear linkage to current improvement activity underway, and suggested timescales for appropriate creation, transition and embedding.

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